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Twenty plus years work experience in the software design and development field, specializing in Linux based applications covering a broad range of development from E-Commerce solutions, Cloud computing and wireless networking technology research. Provided development leadership for internet startups, corporations and governmental contracts.



PHP, Python, ansible, SQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, SOAP, REST, WebOS, C/C++, TCP/IP, Tcl/Tk, Java, MySQL, Oracle v8, PostgreSQL, Linux developer/administrator, POSIX threads, apache, git, CVS, Subversion, Photoshop, GIMP, author of phpHtmlLib , contributor to ADODB , Author of OpenStack Cinder brick library for managing local volume attaches


  7/2017- SUSE  Appomattox, VA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Core member of OpenStack Cinder project
  • Worked on SUSE OpenStack Cloud product
  • Developed SUSE Enterprise Storage (CEPH) Integration.
  • Supported SUSE Customers and partners for OpenStack Cloud product.
  • Worked on the deployment model in ansible.
  • Worked on SOC10 utilizing helm and kubernetes
  • Worked on ceph-iscsi cinder driver


  7/2012-7/2017 Hewlett Packard Enterprise  Roseville, CA

Senior Software Engineer


OpenStack Conference Presentations


  12/2007-7/2012 Hewlett Packard  Roseville, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Worked on Operations Orchestration
  • Wrote new Debugger for Eclipse version of Studio
  • Software Engineer on Java based Transaction Vision, which is part of the greater Business Availability Center application.
  • Wrote REST Client layer for the UI to talk with the back end Analyzer services for 9.0.
  • Wrote Data Collection Filter UI in Java SWING for 9.0.
  • Maintained various JSP admin pages prior to move to SWING UI.
  • Also worked on Diagnostics
  • Developed BSM Dashboard integration for Diagnostics product.
  • Wrote Diagnostics WebOS application.


  2007 Hiccup Corporation  Redwood City, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for Web 2.0 OOP PHP5 Application using phpHtmlLib, Prototype,, lightbox
  • Wrote Yahoo Messenger 8 Plugin.
  • Co-wrote Hikkup Firefox Extension.
  • Co-wrote Hikkup IM proxy server using libpurple.
  • Managed production environment, including web, cache, database, and load balancer.
  • Wrote build and release system using phing.
  • Wrote email bounce handler using postfix hooks.
  • Implemented Yahoo DomainKeys.


  1/2005-2/2007 Uptilt Corporation  Menlo Park, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for Emaillabs OOP PHP5 Multi-tier Web Application.
  • Rearchitected Emaillabs in an N-tier, Object Oriented approach using common design patterns and abstraction layers.
  • Built a dynamically generated SOAP layer on top of the Business Logic layer.
  • Built the UI layer using an MVC controller and PHP library phpHtmlLib.
  • Built a transparent cacheable DataObject layer to access the DB.


  3/2001-1/2005 Qualys Corporation  Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for QualysGuard OOP PHP4 Oracle 8i Web Application.
  • Architect of UI layer, DB layer and user management layers in PHP4 objects for QualysGuard.
  • Developed data base data object layer on top of ADODB
  • Rearchitected QualysGuard to use Object Oriented PHP library phpHtmlLib.
  • Integrated 2-tier RSA SecurID authentication into QualysGuard.
  • Developed customized PHP4 Session management for security.
  • Developed serveral marketing CRM applications (Freescan, Sans20, Freemap, Browser Check).


  10/2000-11/2001 Ensim Corporation  Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed web GUI for Billing Manager ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed web GUI for ServerXchange ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP, PostgreSQL, XML.
  • Developed web GUI for AppXchange ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP, PostgreSQL.
  • Primary PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript lead for web development team.
  • Developed rpm spec files for installing PHP and Zend Optimizer.


  6/1999-10/2000 RocketCash Corporation  Mountain View, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Technical / Project lead for company's E-commerce website running on Linux and Solaris
  • Principal architect of website and portions of Oracle database architecture
  • Implemented entire website backend using object-oriented PHP classes.
  • Designed and developed prototype redemption website for
  • Implemented HTML pages in PHP template engines.
  • Contributed functions to PHP v4.0 language
  • Implemented queries to Oracle v8 and MySQL databases using PHP
  • Implemented scaleable signup engine in PHP and XML
  • Implemented proprietary CyberSource extension to the PHP v4.0 language
  • Wrote Oracle v8 ProC libraries and CGIs for Linux and Solaris
  • Implemented company-wide revision control system using CVS


  1994-1999 UCLA  Los Angeles, CA

Wireless Network Research - Staff

  • Principal software engineer supporting wireless networked node design.
  • Wrote software, device drivers, network protocols and user applications that enable research hardware to function
  • Design and perform demonstrations of research for DARPA, FBI, NSA, Army and other universities
  • Porting real-time operating system to the StrongArm SA110 RISC processor
  • Wrote wireless network speech and video applications to demonstrate UCLA speech and video codecs
  • Wrote device drivers for UCLA adaptive wireless modem, adaptive video codec and adaptive speech codec.


  1990-1994 Apple Corporation  Cupertino, CA

Software Quality Engineer / Application Programmer's Interface Test Engineer

  • Wrote API test tools for the Macintosh system 7.5 installer.
  • Wrote API test tools for the Macintosh online system help guide.
  • Performance tested Apple Macintosh Internet router 3.0.
  • Quality engineer of Macintosh hardware and system software.


  1992 California State University, Chico  Chico, CA

BS Computer Science

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