Walter A. Boring IV 

Walter A. Boring IV



Twenty years work experience in the software design and development field, specializing in Linux based applications covering a broad range of development from E-Commerce solutions to wireless networking technology research. Provided development leadership for internet startups, corporations and governmental contracts.



Strong PHP, SQL, HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, DHTML, AJAX, SOAP, REST, WebOS, C/C++, TCP/IP, Python, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Java, MySQL, Oracle v8, PostgreSQL, QT1.44, Linux developer/administrator, POSIX threads, Apache, CVS, Subversion, Photoshop, GIMP, author of phpHtmlLib , contributor to ADODB , Author of WebOS AviationWeather


  12/2007- Hewlett Packard  Roseville, CA

Senior Software Engineer


  2007 Hiccup Corporation  Redwood City, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for Web 2.0 OOP PHP5 Application using phpHtmlLib, Prototype,, lightbox
  • Wrote Yahoo Messenger 8 Plugin.
  • Co-wrote Hikkup Firefox Extension.
  • Co-wrote Hikkup IM proxy server using libpurple.
  • Managed production environment, including web, cache, database, and load balancer.
  • Wrote build and release system using phing.
  • Wrote email bounce handler using postfix hooks.
  • Implemented Yahoo DomainKeys.


  1/2005-2/2007 Uptilt Corporation  Menlo Park, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for Emaillabs OOP PHP5 Multi-tier Web Application.
  • Rearchitected Emaillabs in an N-tier, Object Oriented approach using common design patterns and abstraction layers.
  • Built a dynamically generated SOAP layer on top of the Business Logic layer.
  • Built the UI layer using an MVC controller and PHP library phpHtmlLib.
  • Built a transparent cacheable DataObject layer to access the DB.


  3/2001-1/2005 Qualys Corporation  Redwood Shores, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Senior architect for QualysGuard OOP PHP4 Oracle 8i Web Application.
  • Architect of UI layer, DB layer and user management layers in PHP4 objects for QualysGuard.
  • Developed data base data object layer on top of ADODB
  • Rearchitected QualysGuard to use Object Oriented PHP library phpHtmlLib.
  • Integrated 2-tier RSA SecurID authentication into QualysGuard.
  • Developed customized PHP4 Session management for security.
  • Developed serveral marketing CRM applications (Freescan, Sans20, Freemap, Browser Check).


  10/2000-11/2001 Ensim Corporation  Sunnyvale, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Developed web GUI for Billing Manager ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP and MySQL.
  • Developed web GUI for ServerXchange ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP, PostgreSQL, XML.
  • Developed web GUI for AppXchange ISP Hosting Automation product in PHP, PostgreSQL.
  • Primary PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript lead for web development team.
  • Developed rpm spec files for installing PHP and Zend Optimizer.


  6/1999-10/2000 RocketCash Corporation  Mountain View, CA

Senior Software Engineer

  • Technical / Project lead for company's E-commerce website running on Linux and Solaris
  • Principal architect of website and portions of Oracle database architecture
  • Implemented entire website backend using object-oriented PHP classes.
  • Designed and developed prototype redemption website for
  • Implemented HTML pages in PHP template engines.
  • Contributed functions to PHP v4.0 language
  • Implemented queries to Oracle v8 and MySQL databases using PHP
  • Implemented scaleable signup engine in PHP and XML
  • Implemented proprietary CyberSource extension to the PHP v4.0 language
  • Wrote Oracle v8 ProC libraries and CGIs for Linux and Solaris
  • Implemented company-wide revision control system using CVS


  1994-1999 UCLA  Los Angeles, CA

Wireless Network Research - Staff

  • Principal software engineer supporting wireless networked node design.
  • Wrote software, device drivers, network protocols and user applications that enable research hardware to function
  • Design and perform demonstrations of research for DARPA, FBI, NSA, Army and other universities
  • Porting real-time operating system to the StrongArm SA110 RISC processor
  • Wrote wireless network speech and video applications to demonstrate UCLA speech and video codecs
  • Wrote device drivers for UCLA adaptive wireless modem, adaptive video codec and adaptive speech codec.


  1990-1994 Apple Corporation  Cupertino, CA

Software Quality Engineer / Application Programmer's Interface Test Engineer

  • Wrote API test tools for the Macintosh system 7.5 installer.
  • Wrote API test tools for the Macintosh online system help guide.
  • Performance tested Apple Macintosh Internet router 3.0.
  • Quality engineer of Macintosh hardware and system software.


  1992 California State University, Chico  Chico, CA

BS Computer Science