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phpHtmlLib Framework

introduction to the phpHtmlLib framework classes

Walter A. Boring IV Suren Markossian
© October 2007, Walter A. Boring IV
(phpHtmlLib 3.0.1)

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What is the phpHtmlLib framework

The phpHtmlLib framework is an extension to the base phpHtmlLib object classes that allows you to build a high performance large scale web application using a straight forward, but powerful API. The framework includes support for AJAXable widgets, Cacheable pages and Dataobjects and Business logic container objects.

The framework is based on an MVC model of application development. A single Framework.Controller Controller manages most of the requests into the logic of the application. The phpHtmlLib page classes, widgets and Form engine manages the upper presentation layer. The next layer is managed by the Business Objects that contain the DataObjects which read/write to the Cache and DataBase layers. The Controller is smart enough to know how to cache Page and Ajax requests if enabled.


  • Layered approach to Application development.

  • MVC architecture.

  • Ajaxable pages, datalist, widgets.

  • BusinessObjects - contains the business logic of the application.

  • DataObjects - cached database rows

  • Cacheable interface - cached pages, objects, widgets.

  • DataBase - PDO based cacheable queries.

  • Software license

    phpHtmlLib is released under GNU LGPL

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    Getting Started

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