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Project Layout phpHtmlLib Framework Request Classes

MVC - Controller

The phpHtmlLib Controller

© October 2007, Walter A. Boring IV, Suren Markosian
(phpHtmlLib 3.0.1)

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The Controller Class is responsible for servicing all php related requests into the application. This takes the place of making individual .php files for each page in your application. The controller accepts requests for a particular target object, then tries to service that target object based upon what the application has registered as a valid target in the ClassMap.

Here is an example of what would be in an index.php main controller script.

 * Do some includes here

 * Create the controller and tell it the default
 * target object is the HomePage object
$c = new Controller('HomePage');

The Controller can handle normal page turn requests and ajax requests to specific blocks within a page object or a stand alone widget that is renderable. There are a new set of phpHtmlLib widgets that implement the Ajaxable interface that can be called by the controller to render and show within a page via an ajax request. To learn how to make ajax requests see the next section on the Request object.


  • Layered approach to Application development.

  • MVC architecture.

  • Ajaxable pages, datalist, widgets.

  • BusinessObjects - contains the business logic of the application.

  • DataObjects - cached database rows

  • Cacheable interface - caches pages, objects, widgets.

  • DataBase - PDO based cacheable queries.

  • Software license

    phpHtmlLib is released under GNU LGPL

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    Project Layout phpHtmlLib Framework Request Classes

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